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Amkina is a luxury lifestyle label for men and women. It is more than a fashion label, Amkina is combining fashion, interior and all things they love together in the label.  All designs of Amkina are designed and handmade by Ovan & Marije who are based in the Netherlands in their atelier and shop in Heerenveen.

The founders of Amkina, Ovan Abdullah and Marije Graafsma, met eachother at the art academy where they fell in love with each other. When they graduated they decided to combine their experiences and style to a fashion brand which expanded over the years to a lifestyle brand. Ovan and Marije originate respectively from Kurdistan, Iraq and Friesland, the Netherlands. They use their traditional regional wear as an inspiration for their pieces. They lived for 2 years in Sardinia where they bought a house for 1€ and rebuild it, they are taking these kind of experiences as a big source of inspiration.

Amkina is devoted to using high quality materials and put a lot of passion and effort in their handcrafted designs. When you choose a design of Amkina, you choose a long lasting product. That is the reason Amkina is working with a basic collection which is colored in black and white. And every now and then when they feel to change the theme, all the rest is completely styled in the overall theme. Amkina wants to make designs for a longer time.

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