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Welcome to AMKINA, where we believe in the power of tradition to connect that transcend borders. Our brand is more than just a label; it's a heartfelt exploration of identity, rooted in the question "Who are we?" — which in Kurdish, is precisely what "Amkina" means.


Our journey began with two passionate souls — Ovan and Marije — coming together from diverse backgrounds. Ovan's roots in Kurdistan and Marije's heritage from Friesland led them to meet at the art academy, where their shared love for fashion blossomed. Graduating as fashion designers, they took a leap of faith and introduced their inaugural collection, "Ferbine," meaning "connecting" in Frisian, in 2017 under the banner of AMKINA.


In 2018, destiny beckoned them to Italy, where an incredible opportunity awaited. Purchasing a house in Sardinia for just 1 euro, their adventure unfolded before the eyes of millions through the Dutch TV program, 'The Italian village: Ollolai.' They transformed a ruin into a palace, giving birth to the unique AMKINA lifestyle, complete with sleep and experiences. Guests flocked to partake in the essence of AMKINA living, witnessing the harmonious blend of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion. Though this chapter concluded in 2020, the spirit of AMKINA lived on.


After traversing between the Netherlands, Sardinia, and mainland Italy, searching for the perfect permanent location, Ovan and Marije decided to return to Sardinia. Their hearts were captured by the warmth and authenticity of the Sardinian culture, and they knew this was the place to share the AMKINA lifestyle with the world.


Having witnessed the fascination tourists had for Sardinian culture during their sleep and experience venture, Ovan and Marije are now dedicated to crafting immersive experiences with the local community. They understand that true connection lies in shared moments, and they invite you to embrace the Sardinian culture alongside its welcoming locals. 


Discover the essence of tradition, art, and passion interwoven into every thread of AMKINA's existence. At AMKINA, creativity knows no bounds. Alongside their fashion collections, Ovan and Marije create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their inspirations and emotions. Moreover, they tailor custom designs for special occasions, ensuring every individual feels the magic of AMKINA.


Be a part of our cultural odyssey by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments, inspiring stories, and exclusive releases. AMKINA is a tapestry woven with love, passion, and the vibrant threads of culture and fashion. Join us on this enthralling journey of discovery, where artistry meets tradition, and together, we answer the question, "Who are we?"


With love,

Ovan & Marije

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